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About Us

M.V. Fraser & Associates Consulting Ltd.

MVFA is an apparel based brand management, merchandising, design development, and sourcing consultancy. We are the premiere destination for custom apparel design and development in Toronto and North America, with partnerships across Canadian factories and overseas.

Our strength is in the experience, talent, and dedication you get through our network of highly skilled Creative Merchandising, Buying, and Product Development Professionals. Our experience ranges from Mass Market to High-End Specialty Retail for Fashion Apparel, Denim, Footwear, and Accessories. Our high standards for quality and a proactive approach in strategic planning makes us your single most reliable partner, capable of meeting and exceeding any goal and timeline. We truly understand that time is money and work to ensure that Market Right and Speed to Market is executed flawlessly with every program we develop.

To meet your unique needs we have the experience and flexibility to service many business models our Consulting Services Include:

Retail Consulting

  • Merchandise Planning, Marketing & Sales Analysis
  • Retail Report Development
  • Systems Development & Project Management
  • Apparel Calendar Development and Implimentation

Brand Managment & Product Development

  • Brand management (Brand Development & Design)
  • Private Label Partnership (Full Vertical integration)
  • FOB or LDP Import Partnership
  • Licensing


  • Trend and Market Research
  • Brand Profiling
  • Planning, Product Flow, and Forecasting
  • Creative Merchandising
  • Post Mortem Analysis


  • Brand Label Development
  • Technical Spec Packages
  • Graphic Technical Package
  • Approvals through to Delivery
  • Review of Sales & Product Performance

We offer a complete Vertical Merchandising and Product Development solution, whether you are supporting an existing design or retail team, entering into private label, or you are already established in producing your own product lines.


Marcus Fraser - Founder and Managing Partner of MVFA

Marcus V. Fraser is accomplished young merchandising executive, with the proven ability to lead high performing merchant, development, and marketing teams through successful strategies to achieve change through innovation while driving core business.

Fuelled by opportunities in retail merchandising, product development, design, and branding, Marcus has a proven track record of delivering on complex and time sensitive projects of any scale, while maintaining strong communication in a boardroom setting.

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